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Job Openings

We currently have openings for the CBA Administrator and for the Disaster Relief Director.

See below for more details.

CBA Administrator

The CBA Administrator will be the treasurer and secretary for the CBA. He or she must be an active member of a CBA affiliated church. This position is part-time and pays $400 a month.

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Job Description:

  • Attend every CBA Executive Committee meeting, Annual, and Semi-annual meeting, and New Works/Missions team meetings

  • Take meeting minutes at every CBA meeting and keep record of the minutes.

  • Be responsible to seat messengers to the CBA Annual and Semi-annual meetings.

  • Keep the CBA churches directory updated.

  • Develop and distribute an Association quarterly newsletter.

  • Act as the CBA social media champion.

  • Be responsible to communicate important Association information via social media and other channels.

  • Assist the CBA Moderator, Vice Moderator, Trustees, and other department heads in what they have need of.

  • Collect Association mail monthly.

  • Maintain possession of CBA owned laptop.

  • Act as the primary check signer for the CBA ensuring that all necessary checks are being sent out on time.

  • Be responsible to deposit all offerings, monitor the CBA bank statements, and prepare balance sheets to be provided to the NWBC secretary.

  • Work with accounting services from the NWB Foundation and Washington Trust Bank to prepare and deliver accurate financial reports to the CBA Executive Committee and messengers to the CBA Annual and Semi-annual meetings.

  • Participate in any internal or external auditing of CBA financials and assets.

  • Work with host churches for CBA events to make sure that food costs, traveling costs, and other miscellaneous costs are being properly reimbursed.

  • Monitor the use, condition, and location of CBA assets.

  • Must be able and willing to travel.

Disaster Relief Director

The Disaster Relief Director needs to be able to work with our available equipment: how to transport it, set it up, use it, and how to perform routine maintenance of it. He or she also needs to maintain an updated list of volunteers within the association and have the ability to coordinate events within the association, working with the NWB regional directors.


This is a volunteer position.


Email at if you are interested in this position or for more information.

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